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POLAR POD Program !

The main objective of the Polar POD program is to offer the educational community an opening to the world of a scientific expedition related to the theme of climate change and marine biodiversity.

This program built in consultation with the French National Education and especially with the General Directorate of School Education (DGESCO) consists of providing teachers and students with a set of resources specific to this mission and likely to promote the educational activities at different levels of education and in different disciplines.

From the construction of the Polar POD to its navigation in the Southern Ocean, the expedition offers multiple centers of interest for the disciplines, whether it is for example history and literature about scientific expeditions or engineering science, industrial science and technology about the construction of the Polar POD and its supply ship, or geography, physical science, life and earth science about data acquired during navigation in the Southern Ocean.

The resources offered as part of the mission and available on the expedition site come in different forms: texts, photos, videos, maps... and will be accompanied, especially during navigation, by animation in the form of interviews, real-time videos, direct exchanges with scientists.

On land, the PolarPodibus, a minibus dedicated to the expedition and fitted out with scientific mediation supports, will crisscross France to meet schools, colleges and high schools, and places of technical and industrial scientific culture.

Arctic Polar


Antarctic Polar


Specific resources

To implement educational activities with students, it is useful to have a wide range of resources available. Most of them are listed in the documentation on this site, as well as in the polar encyclopaedia. However, the following are a few supplementary resources that are highly focused on pedagogical aspects and are available online.

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Find our selection of books organised in three parts: the polar regions, polar adventures and climate change.

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The Polar POD expedition is one of the stamp of the pioners, a human adventure coupled with a technological challenge, an oceanographic exploration never before carried out which will mark a milestone in the discovery of the oceans.

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